Transform how team works


Change the way your team works

Remote Work

Staying connected with Cloud-based collaboration and workplace transformation becomes a major trend in the world. As a result of that, compliance with security measures, and protection of privacy of user data gains the new level of importance. Apps with capabilities to hold video-meetings, create group chats, and collaborative document management make it possible and easy to work from home and telecommute from any location.

Remote Work

Inspire an even greater collaborative culture

The best ideas always emerge when the team works together and everyone contributes, no matter where they are. The results are not always only productivity gains, it can also be a meaningful transformation of work.

Inspire an even greater collaborative culture

Softline is here to help!

A team of Google-certified Softline experts will pick up the solutions suitable for your tasks, integrate them into the existing IT landscape, help configuring new business processes, train users to achieve the best effect from the implementation, and take over the IT systems support.

  • We have implemented projects for companies with up to 60,000 employees
  • We use the proven 90 days implementation methodology from Google
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Softline is here to help!

Google Cloud for Collaboration

Work faster, smarter, together

Google Workspace, together with cloud-based applications like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Meet, and Calendar, transforms the way teams work. Chrome Enterprise provides IT the freedom it needs to provide more innovations, all made possible with help of modern-day OS, web browser, and cloud-native devices with fully-capable management tools and industry leading security included. 

Work faster, smarter, together

Deliver results faster by working in parallel

With Google Workspace, you can edit documents or presentations at the same time, using any device, from anywhere in the world — even offline. 
Google Workspace allows users to edit documents and presentations simultaneously, with any device, from any location in the world, even when there is no connectivity. 

Deliver results faster by working in parallel

Hold video conferences, training, or marketing events

Google Meet

Arrange teamwork with an enterprise video conferencing solution that leverages the reliable and secure Google global infrastructure. Meet is included in the Google Workspace and Google Workspace for Education suite.

Zoom for Google Workspace

Seamlessly integrate zoom into your Google Workspace workflows by allowing users to schedule, initiate and join pre-existing Zoom meetings directly from Google Workspace. Zoom also has an ability to integrate with apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Chat and Google Drive. 

Use corporate Messenger for fast communication

Google Chat

Google Chat facilitates interaction and helps getting things done on time. Using Google Chat, you can send private messages or chat with all team members at the same time. Dedicated virtual rooms for working on long-term projects and message threads make it easy to track progress and control tasks. Each chat room can accommodate up to 8000 people.

Slack & Google Workspace

Slack is a corporate chat and internal communications system for collaboration. All information is structured by channels, which makes the teamwork more efficient and convenient.

Using Google Workspace Apps together with Slack can improve collaboration and save precious time with an ability to:

  • Add your email to Slack
  • Share and work with Google Drive files in Slack
  • Initiate meetings in Slack
  • Receive updates and notifications in Slack

Social intranet portals

Solutions of this class give company employees the opportunity to communicate creatively, informally and quickly while performing their work assignments.

How an advanced portal can help your HR manager?

  • Relevant internal information and communications
  • Quick onboarding, low staff turnover, prevention of emotional and professional burnout
  • Drive digital corporate culture and track employee engagement through embedded analytics tools
  • Attract top talents and provide employees the space to take the initiative.


LumApps - cloud portal recommended by Google Cloud for Google Workspace.


Claromentis - intranet software platform available both as cloud based (SaaS) or self-hosted. 

Workflow organization and task management systems

Pyrus is a platform where you can communicate, assign tasks, track their progress, coordinate any issues, documents and projects in one place, from any device and from any location. Pyrus also offers Service Desk functionality. Pyrus is fully integrated with Google Workspace services – activation for all domain users, approval of Google documents without leaving the app.

Workflow organization and task management systems

Native Google Workspace and SalesForce CRM integration

Salesforce + Gmail

Коннектор для Gmail: добавьте контакты, учетные записи, записи и возможности Salesforce в электронную почту и календарь. Обновление существующих и создание новых записей Salesforce без переключения между приложениями.

Salesforce + Google Sheets

Google Drive для подключения файлов: с помощью Salesforce Files Connect вы можете легко прикреплять файлы Google Drive к записям Salesforce, процессам и сообщениям Chatter.

Salesforce + Google Диск

Коннектор данных для Salesforce: простое управление данными CRM с помощью возможностей двунаправленной синхронизации между Salesforce и Google Sheets (скоро для Salesforce Essentials, доступной для других выпусков).

Сервис от Softline. Устройства для сотрудников в аренду

Сервис от Softline. Устройства для сотрудников в аренду

Chrome as a service

Легкие и безопасные рабочие станции под управлением Chrome OS (подходит для подменных ноутбуков), решения видеоконференцсвязи Chrome для переговорных комнат, Digital Signage решения на Chrome.

Apple as a service

Необходимый для вас комплект устройств, который может включать iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacPro, Mac Mini, Apple TV.

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