Google Maps Platform


Google Maps Platform

Create a roadmap to your business with routes and important locations via Google Maps.


of the world covered

25 million

updates performed daily

>200 countries

supported with routes and other information

Gain access to precise information related to location services

Find new routes, important locations, and track your views. Enhance your navigational decision making with traffic updates and monitor your employees.

Have it fast and scalable

Whether you are a local grocery delivery service or a global scale logistics enterprise Map-based platform will allow you to act quickly without having to think about capacity, reliability, or performance.

Cover the whole world

Google Maps Platform covers 99% of the world giving you an ability to provide reliable and accurate location information to your users wherever they are.

Stand out with rich and accurate real-time data

Features like real-time mapping, live traffic updates, location details and images will allow you to provide outstanding user experience.

Offer the map everybody knows

Allow for the most comfortable user experience by creating the next generation of location services based on maps familiar to more than a billion users.

Maps: Show the whole world

  • Create map services and applications based on the high-quality Google Maps that users from over 200 countries know and love.
  • Street View and high-resolution satellite images, which will enable your app to become a better representation of the real world. Augment the reality by adding pop-up windows, movie scenes, and creating games.
  • Maps that are not just images. Maps are customizable and interactive which allows you to develop a map that suits your purpose.

Routes: Know the way, time and distance to get from A to Z

  • Routes feature includes up-to-date, modernized directions for public transportation, driving, biking, and walking, covering more than 40 million miles of roads in more than 200 countries.
  • Obtain information regarding distances and travelling time even for multiple locations.
  • With precise, real-time traffic data you can determine better routes for your fleets and optimize job distribution between your workers.

Places: Become accessible to your audience

  • Find any location that you might need by gaining access to information on more than 100 million verified business listings and other points of interest.
  • Make your business locatable and get live customer feedback with Reviews.
  • Find information faster with automated address suggestions. Our searching technologies allow users to find locations by phone numbers, addresses, and names. Easily convert addresses to map points and vice versa.
  • Geolocation services will remain available through WiFi or cell service towers even when GPS is not accessible.

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