Infrastructure modernization


Scale with open, adaptable technology

If you are working in the Multi-cloud, Hybrid Cloud, or on-site, we will adapt to your needs. Even if you are already working on the transformation plan, we can start at any point and help your company grow. By migrating your workload to the cloud, you will gain an ability to create and deploy applications even faster with Google’s ready, secure, scalable infrastructure.

Deliver Products to the Market Faster

Features for automatic application deployment, scaling, and upgrades will improve your application’s time-to-market.

Reduce your Infrastructure’s Running Costs

Pay for what you use! Gain an ability to automatically upscale or downscale cloud instances and stop paying for expensive, on-premises, hardware.

Improve the Efficiency

Achieve better resource management and utilization with automatic resource allocation.

Obtain Better Performance & Reliability

Autoscaling and load balancing ensure application availability and performance.


Migration of infrastructure

Migration of infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform will allow moving to a flexible consumption model without capital investments.

Backup & Disaster recovery services

Backup & Disaster recovery services help protect data and create a disaster recovery plan for applications.

Containerize applications

Containerize applications and leverage managed Kubernetes for greater availability and better scalability.

Hybrid infrastructure with Anthos

Hybrid infrastructure with Anthos will allow scaling peak loads of on-premises applications to the cloud (Google, AWS, Azure and others) with full regulatory compliance.

The secure by design Google Cloud

The secure by design Google Cloud allows achieving better security level compared to the physical infrastructure of your own data center.

Softline managed services

Softline managed services will help reduce cloud costs.

Leverage Softline's expertise to migrate your VMs and data to Google Cloud’s secure global network. Utilize Softline's expertise and to reallocate your existing data and VMs to Google Cloud’s secure, world-wide network.

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