API Management Platform

Apigee is a complete API management platform. Apigee works in three categories: API services, API analytics, and developer management. Apigee makes it easier for your API team to build great APIs by allowing them to measure every aspect of an API program and to use their APIs more effectively.


Apigee a third consecutive holder of the leader platform award from the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Full Lifecycle API Management (2018).

Design, secure, analyze, and scale your APIs with transparency and greater control from any location.

Apigee is the cross-cloud API platform

Apigee is the cross-cloud API platform that provides businesses with control and transparency over their APIs connecting applications with the data across the entire enterprise and clouds.

Apigee unlocks the full value and potential of the data and gives access to modern applications, which are designed for the organizations to accelerate their business.

Apigee platform is suitable for all enterprise's API initiatives. Improve agility and work speed for internal and/or external developers, power external experiences, and link internal systems and applications. Apigee enables acceleration of the business by enabling companies to deliver more connected experiences, improve operational efficiency, and gain access to actionable intelligence.

Apigee is the cross-cloud API platform


Google Cloud's Apigee, with its API-first architecture, allows retailers to discover and unlock new revenue channels, improve store operations, and deliver enjoyable shopping experiences to their customers.


Financial Sector

Apigee's API-first architecture was also designed to support the digital transformation of banks by providing industry-leading solutions and tools to enhance scale and flexibility.

Financial Sector

Media & Entertainment

Delight consumers with expertly-delivered, personalized, and future proof content created with an API-first architecture based on Google Cloud's Apigee API management platform.

Media & Entertainment


Apigee is the industry leading solution with an API-first architecture that provides scale and flexibility and enables the digital transformation of Telecommunications.


Complete and unified approach throughout the entire API lifecycle


Design first approach Full compatibility with Swagger 2.0


Configuration: more than 30 ready-to-use and customizable policies.
Code: embedded support of Node, JavaScript and Java expandability.


Integrated security
Threat protection
Access control
OAuth implementation for your APIs
PCI and HIPAA compliance


Turnkey developer portal


Flexible deployment


Centralized management, de-centralized development
Multi-tenant architecture
Billions of API requests including large fluctuations


Full visibility - from the app side to the backend side
Automatic and continuous
collection of API-traffic data "out-of-the-box"


Flexible rates
Internationalization support
Usage tracking
Limits and notifications


On-premise, cloud and hybrid versions

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