The modern and intelligent, no-code platform to create apps and transform your workplace

Use the possibilities of no-code development and quickly move the project from idea to solution


Anyone on the team gains an ability to make apps.


Develop and launch multi-platform apps with no interruptions.


Provide a rich user experience with a powerful set of features

The Platform to Enable Innovation Everywhere

Forget about apps that require you to adapt, now you can develop apps that adapt to your processes.

Rich Data Collection

Collect data from the field more efficiently. Obtain actionable intelligence quicker.

Maps & Location Services

Capture & display geographic outdoor or indoor location data from various devices automatically .

Machine Learning Intelligence

Develop apps with the help of machine learning, remove the need for data scientists.

Process Automation

Automatically allocate data and notify teams of these actions throughout the organization.


Work on the project together with your team.

Start capturing new data or build from sources you possess

  • Obtain data from any device, with instant synchronization to the original data source.

  • Collaborate with teammates updating data in a secure manner.

  • Custom-build dashboards and automatic reports allow you to analyze in real time.

Use camera

Add the photos and comments function, send them as notifications and messages, insert them into generated documents, or place them in shared repositories..

Collecting location data

Create custom maps, trace the location of users, and customize app behavior based on the user's location.

Barcodes scanning

Scan barcodes, QR codes and NFC tags for information search, accurate entry and data refresh.


Send text notifications and in-app push notifications to selected recipients based on other users' activity.

Reports generation

Automatically generate, save and send customized reports, documents and files to the appropriate users, taking into account data changes.


Configure sending emails with reports, data and notifications in PDF, CSV and other formats on a regular basis or triggered by specific actions.

Dashboards creation

Create dynamic interactive dashboards customized for users' devices and display data in real time. Dashboards may contain charts, maps, galleries, and other formats.

Support for electronic signatures

Use electronic signatures in mobile apps, for example to confirm the receipt of goods or approve a stage in a chain of actions.

Working offline

Use the app without Internet access. Data will be synchronized immediately after reconnecting.

Compatibility with any device types

Each application you create is compatible with any device and can be used as a web application on a PC, smartphone or tablet.

Integration with platforms

Integrate data from different sources and connect third-party platforms to apps in order to move data, send alerts and automate processes.

Logic configuration

Design your application with multiple layers of logic and security policies in mind, ensuring that only relevant content and functionality is available to each user of the app.

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